HAIR'S HOW, Vol.8: STEP by STEP Technical Book

Technical Book. HAIR's HOW showcases 55 step-by-step sets of instructions that provide the latest cutting, coloring and styling trends. Inside, you'll discover:
  ● 22 short cuts and colors
  ● 12 medium cuts and colors
  ● 6 long cuts and colors
  ● 15 updo styles
This technical book contains the most up-to-date and truly innovative styles that were created by the masters. The helpful step-by-step instructions, which were supplied by the stylists, describe each step in full detail. The instructions are also accompanied by a photograph that illustrates visually. This resource tool serves as a guide to creating fashion-savvy hot hair.
3 languages - English, Spanish & French
120 pages
Hard Cover
Overall size 9"x 11 3/4"

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